It’s All Greek to Me: What if Poseidon was the ruler of the gods?

God of the gods. The most powerful, the strongest of all. The one who gives us what we need the most. But why Zeus? Zeus, whose love affairs became the figure of fun in Greek mythology. He’s strong no doubt, according to a poet, he is stronger than all the combined powers of the gods. But I can’t stop thinking, what if Poseidon was the ruler of the gods?

Poseidon’s domain is the sea, the beautiful sea. The sea gives us food, occupation for some people and wonderful experience under the sea. In other words, Poseidon can also give us what we need, but why Zeus? Think of it, Greeks worship Zeus as the King of the gods because he gives rain, but the rain itself needs water from the oceans. So without the water, the bodies of water, it will be difficult for Zeus to produce rain. In terms of strength, Zeus was not omnipotent or omniscient. He could be opposed and deceived. In the Iliad, he is duped by Poseidon and Hera. And sometimes Fate is stronger than him. And for me, Poseidon is the coolest god, well of course I’m a daughter of Poseidon, but that does not mean I’m biased, (am I not?) After reading Percy Jackson, I realized I’m a demigod and a daughter of Poseidon, yeah!!

I’ve been wondering, what our life would be like if Poseidon was the ruler of the gods. Maybe there are lots of horses running around. Maybe we often see Pegasus flying in the sky. Maybe, we can ride on hippocampus. Maybe we will take good care of our seas because we know wonderful creatures live there and we know a splendid palace was underneath that. Maybe surfing is the most popular sport. Maybe life would be happier and… magical. Just maybe. Just what if?


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Madam J


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